Organic Ginger Capsules


– Reduce liver stress and aid its healing
– Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
– Aid with digestion and digestive system health
– Gallic acid provides nerve cell protection
– May regulate blood sugar – May induce apoptosis in some cancer cells
– May prevent cancer cell migration

Ginger is not only a great herb to cook with, but is also the only source of a two groups of polyphenols called gingerols and shogaols (which are formed from drying gingerols), and also contain other beneficial phenolic compounds. Like turmeric, ginger can also acts as an anti-inflammatory, making the two herbs complement each other in their benefits. Additional benefits also include helping the body regulate blood sugar and helping protect against cancer development. As consumption of ginger based dishes is not to everyone’s taste, ginger supplements have become popular as a convenient way to consume ginger on a daily basis.

Project Details

  • Project Name : 120
  • Date : 500mg
  • Category : digestion, inflammation