Organic Hawthorn Berry Capsules


– Shown to lower blood pressure
– Berry (not leaves or roots)
– High in beneficial phenolic compounds
– Organic, natural and pure!

Hawthorns are shrub like trees which grow in the northern hemisphere. Their fruits have long been used in traditional medicine & they have recently attracted large amounts of research for their promising cardio-protective properties. However as their flavour is often compared to over-ripe apples, they are not to everyone’s taste, and many people prefer to take hawthorn berry capsules.

Geco Supplement’s organic hawthorn supplement is nothing but pure, natural and organic. The minimal amount of processing has been used to make this hawthorn supplement, to ensure that the nutrients in remain intact and undamaged. During the encapsulating process extremely small amounts of magnesium stearate and silica are used to avoid the product clumping in the machines. This is typical for all encapsulated supplements, and you can read more about these 2 compounds here.



Project Details

  • Project Name : 120
  • Date : 500mg
  • Category : blood-pressure