Organic Wheatgrass Powder


– Control blood sugar
– Sourced from New Zealand
– Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals
– Promotes overall health and wellbeing
– Fully organic, no nasties inside
– 100% pure wheatgrass, no fillers or additives
– Yeast, gluten and soya free!

Wheatgrass is made from the very early leaves of the common wheat plant. These are packed full of a variety of nutrients – not just vitamins and minerals, but also beneficial enzymes and phenolic compounds. Although it is made from the common wheat plant, wheatgrass does not contain any gluten, which is great news for people trying to avoid it.

Being in a powder makes consuming 3-6g of wheatgrass much easier than tablets (you would need to swallow 6-12 tablets for the same amount). All you have to do is add it to some water, fruit juice or smoothie.

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