What have we been doing this past year?

Its been a year to the day since we last updated the blog. It probably looked like we have been hibernating since, but behind the scenes a lot has been going on.

Before I cover the new stuff coming we have got planned for Geco, I’d first like to update you on our first productGeco Turmeric, which has come on in leaps-and-bounds since it was launched in late 2012. The product now has a great reputation for quality, and some of the feedback we have received is truly fantastic. Its great to hear that people love our product, and we have even heard that our turmeric has helped someone fight their their cancer (alongside other things of course). If you are unaware of the health benefits of turmeric then you need to get your head out of the sand and catch up! You can read a pretty extensive literature review of the benefits here, which should get you up to speed a bit.

So what’s new?

Funky brand redesign

As I am writing this, the site is actually still under construction – that is how new it is! We have gone for easy navigation, informative, colourful, earthy and a kind of quirky feel to this new site, and I hope you like it.

We have also re-designed the logos. It looks awesome, and I’m sure it will be all over this site once the site is finished. you aren’t allowed to see it just yet though 😉 The labels have also had a redesign along with the logo. In fact I’m having a look at the new labels now for some of the ‘greens’ range (see bellow) and they look great! Again though , no pictures just yet!

(Lots of) new products!

Researching and reading have taken up quite a lot of time recently – we wanted to bring out some cool new products which will not only complement our turmeric product, but will also offer additional benefits to people and help address common (and serious) ailments. Research pages are yet to be added to the unfinished site, but I’ll include a link to them bellow once they are up. Here is a quick list and explanation of what we are releasing over the next month or so:

Capsule products:

These are following on from the turmeric, providing a natural and nutritious capsule which contains one or more unique phenolic compounds:

  1. Organic ginger capsules – This perfectly complements turmeric in its anti-inflammatory properties, and for the nerds out there – the active components in ginger have been shown to inhibits COX-2, COX-1 and tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α); all of which are pro-inflammatory agents. On top of this, ginger can also help to regulate blood sugar, protect the body against oxidative damage and there is promising research showing it might be able to help fight cancer/ protect against cancer – pretty amazing really, and reminds me of the list of benefits for turmeric! The research on ginger is compelling to say the least, and we are really excited about releasing this one!
  2. Organic cinnamon capsules – With the turmeric and ginger we think we have tackled inflammation pretty well, so what’s next? We decided to try and tackle type 2 diabetes, well, more specifically we have decided to help your body regulate blood sugar and take the some stress off the pancreas which produces insulin. This will help protect you from type 2 diabetes (but doesn’t mean you can now go crazy on cakes and sweets). Cinnamon is the only source of a phenolic compound called cinnamtannin B1, which mimics the action of insulin. This helps the body regulate blood sugar much more easily, and reduces stress on the pancreas which can avoid it becoming damaged. This will go really well with the blood sugar regulatory properties of ginger too!

Powdered ‘green’ products:

We decided to develop a ‘greens’ range, which provide a range of nutrients. I like to think of these products as a kind of ‘nutrient bomb’, and they can all complement each other if you fancy mixing and matching them.

  1. Chlorella powder – This is the most nutrient dense food I have ever come across. Chlorealla has everything in it, from omega-3 fatty acids, to vitamins and minerals, and is one of the very few vegetable sources of vitamin B12. this broad spectrum of nutrients makes it great for promoting overall health. The powder is great for adding to drinks, but be warned, it will turn any drink green!
  2. Spirulina powder – Spirulina is very similar to chlorella, and is considered to be complete food, both with regards to the micro-nutrient and macro-nutrient make up. Spirulina is extremely high in protein, and although it is a plant, it actually is a great protein source! This, on top of awesome nutritional profile makes spirulina a nutritional force to be reckoned with.
  3. Wheatgrass powder – Wheatgrass powder contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, and yes, is very similar to chlorella and spirulina in that it contains a very broad spectrum of these nutrients. We think these 3 green powdered products will be great for promoting everyones health, whether you be a body-builder, runner, vegan, plaeo’er, male, female or something I have never come across before. Everyone needs good nutrition, and these make good nutrition easy!

Of course, all of the above products are organic, so you have no need to worry about chemical etc. They aren’t healthy, so we don’t want them in our products.



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