How we began

Geco Supplements is what you get if you combine a knowledge of biochemistry with a desire to improve health. We are serious about science, specifically bio-chemistry and want to use our knowledge for good.

Our aim is to provide nothing but the best for everyone, we don’t make ‘half-baked’ products, or use pseudo-science to make outrageous ‘miracle’ claims. When we bring out a product it is the result of long hours of research, and we want to be proud of what we produce.. Obviously we don’t want any pesticides or chemicals in our products or anything that will harm consumers (that defeats the point of a health supplements), which is why we provide you with organic and pure supplements. Nothing but the best.

Why are we called Geco?

The word ‘Geco’ is derived from the lizard ‘gecko’, but we are not a company founded by cold-blooded reptiles. One of the founding beliefs of Geco Supplements was not to lose track of our aim. We know too many companies get side-tracked on profits and lose sight of what they originally set out to do in the ‘blink of an eye’, and we don’t want to do this. Geckos cannot blink, and their eyes can stay completely focused on their target – and so like a gecko, we will not lose sight, not for one moment.