Veggie Friendly

Vegetable Capsules

Many supplements on the market today are capped using gelatin capsules. If you’re not a vegetarian then there’s nothing wrong with gelatin, it’s simply a mixture of peptides and proteins extracted from animal organs. The point to be made is that gelatin capsules are a lot cheaper than vegetable capsules (that are made from cellulose, the cell wall of plants). When choosing a supplement company, one that you may use for many years, why choose one that’s making cutbacks? Gelatin capsules simply make the manufacturers more profit, there’s no need for gelatin capsules when veggie caps are available.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate and silica are lubricants used in the capping process. It stops the caps and raw materials from clogging up and enables the capping to go smoothly, as it should. Due to potential clogging, they are required to be used in most capping facilities. What most consumers don’t know is that magnesium stearate is produced from both animal sources and vegetable sources! Thinking about it, I’ve never used a supplement that says “magnesium stearate – from vegetable source” or “magnesium stearate – from animal source”. This information should be available to everyone, and at Geco we make sure our magnesium stearate is from vegetable sources and it says so on our bottle! For the people wondering, silica (silicon dioxide) is made from the elements silicon and oxygen.